Edgar Gierbolini works for The Care Communities as their Development Manager. Thanks to our upcoming Austin event, I was able to connect with Edgar for an interview. Read on to learn about how The Care Communities helps make sure those with serious illness in Central Texas don’t have to fight alone.

What is the mission of The Care Communities?

Gierbolini-Edgar_ppCaring support for those affected by serious illness.  As a volunteer driven organization, The Care Communities is singularly focused on ensuring that Central Texans with cancer or HIV do not have to cope with a life-threatening illness alone. Our goals are to treat people with serious illnesses with dignity, kindness, and respect and provide helpful and supportive services that exactly fit their needs so they can focus on treatment and healing.
How has the LGBTQ community in Austin impacted The Care Communities?  

The Care Communities was created in 1991 as part of the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network during the height of the AIDS crisis.  Community leaders saw the need for caring support for many in our community that were left to suffer alone by their families because they were not only sick, but also LGBT.  How would you like to impact the Austin LGBTQ community?  We’d like to provide unconditional care to our community and remind the Austin LGBTQ community that they are never alone.

What have you learned through being involved with The Care Communities?  

I’ve learned that illness does not discriminate.  In that same token, I know that the love our volunteers and staff have is boundless.

Why are you excited about this event?  

Being involved in fundraising and creating awareness for our agency, I’m excited to learn what tools we can use to let more people know of the work we are doing right here in Central Texas.

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