We’re excited to be announcing one of our keynote speakers for Accelerate.lgbt in Austin, the incredible Steph Grant!

Steph Grant spends most of her time traveling, talking to strangers, sharing stories with new friends and telling the love stories of LGBT couples with her photography. In 2013, just two years after moving from her hometown in CA and leaving the corporate world to start her own business, Steph followed her heart and started marketing herself solely as an LGBT wedding photographer. She is the owner of Steph Grant Photography and the founder of the Promote Love Movement. Her work and incredible clients have been featured in Cosmopolitan,Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Reddit, Marie Claire, Curve Magazine and more.

If you’re interested in hearing Steph – and many others – speak about their experiences and insights, sign up for Accelerate.lgbt Austin here.

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